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  • #PPG2017
  • Congratulations to all the winners and a special thanks to Salt Life, competitors, spectators and everyone that made this a weekend to remember.
Lifestyle Gallery: The Many Faces of #PPG2016
October 05, 2016 | by Mike Misselwitz
  • Race director Anthony Vela snags beach announcer Dreu Murin's mic and rocks it like a pink hat. Photo: Jung
  • France's Arthur Arutkin put on a breakthrough performance at #PPG2016, finishing fifth overall in the Pro Men's. Wink! Photo: Jung
  • Mexican water warrior Fernando Stalla shows off a model tongue. Photo: Jung
  • Maui boy Zane Schweitzer has to be one of the most stoked guys on the beach. Case and point... Photo: Jung
  • Aussie Toby Cracknell sneaks in some shut-eye on a friend's shoulder—and his billowing mullet —after an immensely tiring Pro Technical heat. Photo: Jung
  • American Sean Poynter sneaks in some shut-eye on his own shoulder after an equally tiring heat. Maybe it's just what surf racers do? Photo: Jung
  • The groms were out in droves with their game faces (and mandatory helmets) on tight. Photo: Jung
  • Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life: they're a family affair. Photo: Jung
  • While some contenders seemed to be whistling Dixie all weekend, others preferred to focus on maximizing oxygen intake. Photo: Jung
  • "What do you mean I didn't beat Connor Baxter?" Open racers return to the finish after a most impressive battle of the every-man and woman at Doheny State Beach. Photo: Jung
  • Rather than donning the jersey that comes with the Open Racer package, this guy opted for a bow tie and pleated button up. Way to separate yourself from the pack, good sir. Photo: Jung
  • SUP-happy people. Photo: Jung
  • Among the many beautiful sights at PPG was paddlers of all ages competing alongside each other in the Open Distance race. Here's Bill Babcock, enjoying the thrill of it. Photo: Jung
  • Danny Ching may pretend to be a superhero when he's with his newborn baby, but when it comes to SUP racing, he's the real deal. Photo: Jung
  • Bullet Obra tries to get his brain working again after the most competitive racing you can find in SUP. Photo: Jung
  • In his first trip to California, Aussie James "Jimmy" Casey took eighth place at #PPG2016. That's something to smile about. Photo: Jung
  • No one has ever said surf races we're easy. Looking uphill with Chuck Glynn. Photo: Jung
  • Two-time M2O champion Travis Grant lets it all out after the big race. Photo: Jung
  • Kiwi race maven Annabel Anderson put on an outrageously dominant display in the Pro Distance race. This is her celebration smile. Photo: Jung
  • The war cry of North Carolina paddle mercenary, April Zilg. Photo: Jung
  • Poised, composed, concentrated. Local Jade Howson examines the competition among the Pro Women. She came in 14th overall. Photo: Jung
  • Paddlers from across the world put a lot in to preparing for PPG, and the passion at the finish showed. This wasn't the only paddler to put their head in the sand over the weekend. Photo: Jung
  • Sonni Honschëid and friend Jenny Kalmbach hug it out at the finish. Photo: Jung
  • Last year's Pro Technical race champion Mo Freitas dominated the first half of this year's Technical Finals before Photo: Jung
  • Kai Lenny, always a contender at Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life. He took second in the Technical Finals. Photo: Jung
  • That's the face of someone finishing a grueling race. "I'm sooo happy to be done." Photo: Jung
  • Repeat PPG champion Connor Baxter with water to burn at the finish. Photo: Jung
  • #PPG2016 Women's Overall Champion Candice Appleby takes a moment with her higher power (and mutual fan). Photo: Jung

Lifestyle Gallery: The Many Faces of PPG

All photos by Christian Jung

It’s the lifestyle, baby. Ain’t it crazy?
…Not exactly. Athleticism, outdoors, ocean, community. The SUP life offers a lot to a person. What’s more crazy is how many people will trudge passionately to the end of earth and back to partake in those offerings. And there’s no better example than the 2016 Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life. We saw faces from all of earth’s far-flung corners—places like Tahiti, France, Germany and Brazil—and guess what? All of them were smiling. Well, almost all of them. Heck, even the photographer who shot these—Christian Jung (@christianjung23)—came all the way from Brazil to do so. Apparently that’s just what passion does. That, and create some awesome candid facial expressions for others to enjoy later in a online…

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