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  • #PPG2017
  • Congratulations to all the winners and a special thanks to Salt Life, competitors, spectators and everyone that made this a weekend to remember.
Gallery | #PPG2016 Women’s Pro Distance Race
October 14, 2016 | by Mike Misselwitz
  • And they're off! Photo: Menendez
  • The best female SUP athletes in the world, digging deep. Photo: Panas
  • Women's Pro paddlers, going the distance at Doheny State Beach. Photo: Menendez
  • The draft train led by Candice Appleby chases after first-place finisher Annabel Anderson. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • Anderson, a slave to no train. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • A single-file line. Elsewhere at the Pacific Paddle Games, the competition was far less orderly. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • Anderson stands alone on a bump toward the finish. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • PPG overall champion Candice Appleby leads Shae Foudy and Fiona Wylde around the buoy before heading into the beach. Photo: Panas
  • Lara Claydon may be small, but her stroke and competitive drive are not. Photo: Panas
  • Appleby and Foudy duking it out for second and third-place in the Women's Pro Distance race. Photo: Panas
  • Photo: Panas
  • Women's Pro Distance race champion Annabel Anderson standing tall and smiling wide on the home stretch. Photo: Menendez
  • Six miles, all smiles. Jennifer Lee closes in on the Women's Pro Distance finish. Photo: Menendez
  • Photo: Panas
  • Jumping for joy at the PPG finish line. Photo: Menendez
  • Possibly our favorite capture of the Women's Pro Distance race. Fiona Wylde spills out of the podium race as Shae Foudy (left) and Candice Appleby (center) focus intently on securing second-place. Photo: Menendez
  • In the end, Foudy edged out Appleby for the second-place Distance title behind Anderson. Photo: Menendez
  • They may be enemies on the water, but at the finish line everyone returns to being friends. Wylde and a friend bring it in for the real thing. Photo: Menendez
  • So finished. Photo: Menendez
  • Annabel Anderson, the finish line and a victory dance that hardly does her excitement justice. Photo: Menendez

Gallery | #PPG2016 Women’s Pro Distance Race

The Women’s action in the Pro Distance race at the 2016 Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life was as hotly contended as SUP racing gets. Well, maybe not for Annabel Anderson, who stormed the beach finish merely two whole minutes ahead of runner-up Shae Foudy. For the rest of the competition, it was a grueling battle and one with myriad special moments. Our talented staff photographers caught many of those moments, and here, we share them with you.

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