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  • #PPG2017
  • Congratulations to all the winners and a special thanks to Salt Life, competitors, spectators and everyone that made this a weekend to remember.
Gallery | #PPG2016 Prone Paddle Races
October 06, 2016 | by Mike Misselwitz
  • Surfers of different sorts share the early morning Doho lineup before Opening Day at #PPG2016. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • Women's Combined winner Carter Graves takes care of her weapon of choice. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • Race director Anthony Vela, directing the Pro women on the Prone Technical race. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • Third-place overall Prone winner Jack Bark pow-wows with Pro women's SUP racer Morgan Hoesterey. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • Eyes on the prize, at least in front. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • Bark on the hunt in the Men's Technical race. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • Overall Pro Prone men's champion Matt Poole, digging deep for a #PPG2016 title. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • Brennan Rose can't help standing up, even when he's racing in the Pro Prone division. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • Traditional paddleboard party wave in the women's Pro Prone Technical race. Photo: Black-Schmidt
  • A paddler glides through the morning gold into an early bump at #PPG2016. Photo: Panas
  • Bark and Nick Malcolm ride the train of locomotive Matt Poole. Photo: Panas
  • Graves, cutting through glass.Photo: Panas
  • Alexy Berthet representing for Team Tahiti at #PPG2016. Photo: Panas
  • This is what it looks like when you see the finish line with no one in front you. Graves, headed for victory. Photo: Panas
  • When the tide dropped out, competitors in the Technical races had to forgo the beach start for a water launch to avoid bottoming out in the shallows. Photo: Panas
  • Two-time world champion SUP surfer and No. 2 Female Paddler of the Year Izzi Gomez competed in both the SUP and Prone divisions at this year's Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life. She finished third overall in Prone. Not bad for a standup gal. Photo: Panas
  • Berthet and George Plsek finish the Prone Distance in a foot-race. Photo: Van Swae
  • A prone freesurfer styles out in the early morning sun. Photo: Menendez
  • Beach announcer Dreu Murin gives overall Pro Prone champ Matt Poole a soapbox to shout from. Photo: Menendez
  • Fueled by adrenaline. Photo: Menendez
  • There was no shortage of sizzling contention in the women's Pro Prone division. Photo: Menendez
  • It was a hodgepodge of emotions at the finish line for the Pro women's competitors. But mainly, stoke. Photo: Menendez
  • The world's top male prone paddlers dog pile around the Hammer Buoy in the Pro Prone Technical race. Photo: Menendez
  • Team Tahiti represented tough in all divisions of PPG this year. Prone not excluded. Photo: Menendez
  • The top-three overall women's Prone racers at PPG, left to right: Abby Brown (2), Carter Graves (1) and Izzi Gomez (3). Photo: Menendez
  • The top-three overall men's Prone racers, left to right: Nick Malcolm (2), Matt Poole (1) and Jack Bark (3). Photo: Menendez
  • A beer shower for your overall champion Prone paddlers of #PPG2016, Graves and Poole. Photo: Menendez

Gallery | #PPG2016 Prone Paddle Races

Photos by Aaron Black-Schmidt, JP Van Swae, Greg Panas and Lorenzo Menendez

Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life offered up a little something for everyone this year, prone paddlers not withstanding. With men’s and women’s Pro and Open divisions in both the Technical and Distance races, the contention among the best prone athletes the world over provided an unprecedented display of world-class prone racing. There were highs, there were lows, there was good luck and there were bad collisions, but in the end, everyone walked away thrilled. Relive the best moments in prone racing with this exclusive gallery from our outrageously talented and hard-working collection of photographers.

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