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  • #PPG2017
  • Congratulations to all the winners and a special thanks to Salt Life, competitors, spectators and everyone that made this a weekend to remember.
Day One Gallery | Pro Technical Prelims and Prone Races at #PPG2016
October 01, 2016 | by Pacific Paddle Games
  • Sunshine and a pumping south swell greeted paddlers at the 2016 Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life. Photo: Greg Panas
  • Between two buoys: the start of the Pro Prone Distance race. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Traditional paddleboarders Matt Poole, Jack Bark and Nick Malcolm battled it out all day during Friday's lay-down extravaganza. Photo: Greg Panas
  • Better known as the world's best female SUP surfer, Izzi Gomez left the paddle behind today to compete in both Prone races for a third-place overall finish. Photo: Greg Panas
  • Ironman, M2O winner and paddleboarder extraordinaire Matt Poole won both the Distance and Technical races to sweep Day One's Prone division of #PPG2016. Photo: Greg Panas
  • "Charger" Carter Graves lived up to her name and put down a stranglehold performance at #PPG2016, taking both the Distance and Technical races. Photo: Panas
  • The ears of all the best paddlers in the world: Anthony Vela gives the race briefing for the Men's qualifying Technical SUP races. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • Los Angeles South Bay stalwart Jack Bark smiles his way to a third-place finish in the Pro Prone Distance race. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Clean waves, offshore wind and five of your best friends. Welcome to SUP racing at the Pacific Paddle Games. Photo: JP Van Swae
  • Don't worry everyone, the Hammer Buoy is alive and well and doling out the licks. Photo: JP Van Swae
  • Kody Kerbox is back from a racing hiatus and looking strong. He took a solid Technical Heat win today. Photo: JP Van Swae
  • Casper Steinfath soul arches around an inside buoy on his way to the final heat win of the day. Photo: JP Van Swae
  • Have you heard the news? Kai Lenny likes to spend time in the ocean. He advanced to the quarterfinals tomorrow. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Like a fish out of salt water: river paddler Mike Tavares prepares to take on the waves of Doheny State Beach. He missed advancing by one spot. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • The best standup paddlers in the world, on their marks. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Style to burn. Old-school moves during a warm up at #PPG2016. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Connor Baxter led for the majority of heat one before getting chased down by the pack when they caught a bomb set wave. He'd still easily advance. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Up, down and all around. You never know what Doho is going to throw at you. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Team members Danny Ching and Noa Hopper ready to advance to Day 2 of #PPG2016. No surprise there. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Freesurfers swarmed the waves around the contest site all day. Some were more successful than others. Photo: JP Van Swae
  • Getting a good start is key a strong Technical race finish. Actually accomplishing that can be a blur. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • Superman Ching heading out for a warm up. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Between the Hammer Buoy and a hard place. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Deciding between a bottom-turn to top-turn combo or getting to the finish line faster, James Casey hangs on the high line. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Izzi Gomez is competing in Distance and Technical races for both Prone and SUP divisions this year. She took overall-third in the Prone sector today, a good omen for her SUP performance to come. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Graves takes a well-earned victory lap after the Technical Prone race at #PPG2016. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • The top-three male Prone paddlers at #PPG2016, left to right: No. 2 Jack Bark, No. 1 Matt Poole and No. 3 Nick Malcolm. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Prone overall champions Graves and Poole, soaking in the victory (and the beer). Photo: Lorenzo Menendez

Day 1 Gallery from #PPG2016: Pro Technical Prelims and Prone Races

Sun, surf and the best in standup paddling and prone racing made for a idyllic opening day at #PPG2016 presented by Salt Life. In the prone sector, seasoned maven “Charger” Carter Graves and Aussie lay-down locomotive Matt Poole took the first-awarded overall titles of #PPG2016 with clean sweeps in both the Distance and Technical races. The standup show kicked off with a hungry crop of the world’s elite paddlers battling it out over the course of eight 16-man heats for the first round of qualifiers. It was everything we hoped for and more, and you can relive the action here in this exclusive gallery.

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