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  • #PPG2017
  • Congratulations to all the winners and a special thanks to Salt Life, competitors, spectators and everyone that made this a weekend to remember.
Day Two Gallery | Technical Races and Groms Aplenty
October 02, 2016 | by Pacific Paddle Games
  • Day 2 of the Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life dawned gray but transformed into a day of sunshine, intense Technical racing and consistent south swell. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • Who wants to race? The Open Technical race boasted almost 200 racers this morning. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • The Open Technical race turned into the biggest draft train we've ever seen, with the almost 200 paddlers racing in circles before punching in through the surf. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • You can't win 'em all. Open racers falling just short of the finish line in this morning's Technical battle. Photo: Greg Panas
  • Pushing yourself to the limit against your fellow competitors in the best arena in SUP is enough to make anyone hoot. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • The Youth racers are the future of SUP. Today they peeled back the fog and paddled into the sunshine. Photo: Greg Panas
  • Open Women's racers hit the water in stride. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • The Pro Men's Technical racing turned it up to 11 today. Here's Lincoln Dews, Giorgio Gomez and Slater Trout pumping up the jams. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • The shore break dismount at Doheny State Beach is key to a good result at #PPG2016. They don't always go well. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • Watching the Pro Men start their Technical heats is a thing of beauty, if your eyes can keep up with it. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • Candice Appleby put on an unsurprising dominant performance in her semifinal heat. Look for her to battle it out in both tomorrow's Distance and Technical races. Photo: JP Van Swae
  • The West Marine Demo Zone was bustling all day, including the land paddling crew at Hamboards. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • Terrene Black and Jade Howson on cruise control on a solid ocean lump at outer Doheny. Photo: JP Van Swae
  • Surf skills are critical to making heats at the Pacific Paddle Games. Case in point. Photo: JP Van Swae
  • Mo Freitas is always in the right position on the wave whether the wave likes it or not. Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt
  • The Women Pro's were flying today. Look for the most competitive day of ladies SUP racing ever at Day 3 of #PPG2016. Photo: Greg Panas
  • Take a deep breath, there's a lot of racing to come. Photo: Greg Panas
  • Remember what we said about surf skills? Yeah, that's for real. Photo: Greg Panas
  • There's that Hammer Buoy again, causing problems, even for the world's best. Photo: JP Van Swae
  • Kai Lenny edges out Martin Letourneur at the finish line. Photo: Lorenzo Menendez
  • Tune in for Day 3 action at the Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life tomorrow at 8am at PacificPaddleGames.com. Tomorrow we crown champions! Photo: Lorenzo Menendez

 Day Two Gallery | Technical Racing

Humans, oh, don’t we love to race? We race in traffic, we race on tracks, we race in pools. We race to check in and we race to check out. It’s a tendency inherent to mankind. And isn’t it great?

Of all mankind’s races, nothing quite compares to the Technical racing at #PPG2016 presented by Salt Life. What else would you expect when the venue is Doheny State Beach, the racers are the world’s best and the conditions are head-high, pristine and consistently pumping? At the 2016 Pacific Paddle Games, it’s just what awesome humans do.

Check out the highlights from the Pro, Open, Junior Pro and Youth races on Day Two of #PPG2016 and be sure to tune into the LIVE webcast tomorrow at 8am for Finals Day. We guarantee, it’ll get your engine revving.

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